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Praise God! Danuta and I went canvassing one day and the very first house we called on we met Karen, a solo mum with three kids and another one on the way. “How long have you lived here?” Danuta asked.

“Only four months. I just came out of a refuge.” Karen explained that the father of her youngest child had beaten her up badly. She also had recently lost her own father, whom she was very close to. And now she was pregnant again and the Social Welfare staff members suggested she have an abortion. Everything was going wrong.

Danuta wisely canvassed the Family Lifestyle Series volumes 1 to 5, Today, Tomorrow and You, Vital Facts for Girls Boys and the Stampley Bible. Karen was happy to order the whole set.

Danuta invited Karen to fill out the “interest getter” card, which offers a number of our videos to view, Bible studies and so on. Karen ticked a number of spiritual boxes including the “Making sense of God” box. As Karen handed the card back to Danuta she burst into tears.

The poor lady had been under a lot of pressure with the loss of her dad, a new baby on the way, raising three children under five on her own, and a violent man harassing her. As she was crying, Danuta gave her a big hug, held her and prayed for her. It was a very touching moment.

After a while Danuta said, “Look, I would be very happy to pick you and the kids up and take you to church with me next weekend.”

Well, Karen was smiling as she accepted and said, “You two are God sent.” What a powerful work and a blessing to others. - John Brereton, former Area Manager

Recommended reading: Read the origin of Babylon and Sunday Sabbath and paganism in Christianity to understand why scripture calls the Papal Church Babylon. And then reading why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday will make perfect sense and that Satan was behind the change. What is the beasts number contains fascinating information on 666 originating from Babylon and why this number now relates to a man in the Papal Church. The seven year tribulation reveals how this time period came from an abused prophecy and gives the truth on the second coming. [d-prophecy]

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